Young Professionals Board

AHF’s Young Professionals Board is an organization comprised of culturally-savvy professionals throughout Alabama. The YP Board’s mission is to increase awareness of AHF amongst a broad demographic by implementing programming events and activities that display cultural awareness. The board cultivates young professional members into leaders who have a strong understanding of the benefit of the humanities.



The ALABAMA HUMANITIES FOUNDATION (AHF) Young Professionals Board (YP Boardseeks to establish membership of young professionals across the state of Alabama and represent a diverse cross section of professionals from business, academic and nonprofit sectors. The membership consists of 20 young professionals from the state of Alabama that are under the age of 40  (21-40).

Individuals may apply for membership at any time during the calendar year. Interested applicants must complete and submit an application, resume, and a statement of interest. Please contact Kendall Chew, Development & Communications Coordinator, ( for more information.


Join the ALABAMA HUMANITIES FOUNDATION YP Board as we host evenings of networking, mingling and exploring how AHF, through its many programs, encourage life-long learning and cultivate an appreciation for the diversity of human experiences in the Alabama community.

In our Think & Drink series, we introduce the humanities into the current events and popular topics to inform conversations and foster cultural awareness. Think & Drink invites participants to join facilitated public conversations alongside humanities scholars, artists, and practitioners to create an interplay of ideas and perspectives in the public square.