A short straw

There is a saying around Enterprise, Alabama: “If you paddle your own canoe, there is no one to rock the boat.”

Last week I heard a story from a small town, not far from the Enterprise city limits. A farmer used to sit on a stone ridge that crossed his land and mourn over the lack of fertile soil the land had. Later, the sad farmer gladly accepted an offer of $25,000 for the property. When the buyer opened a natural gas well right under the rocky ridge where the farmer used to sit and pity himself, he made a fortune.

Very few of us have farms with vast deposits of natural gas. Yet, most of us do have a “rocky ridge” on which we sit and worry ourselves as having been dealt a short straw in life. That very rocky ridge is keeping us unaware of countless opportunities.

As you go through your daily activities paddling your own canoe all the while watching your resources and expenditures, many needs for education and social services in Alabama have been increasing. We hear about them every day. And just as our social services increase, so does our need to examine who we are and what we want as individuals. Many of us remain on a rocky ridge missing right at our feet endless opportunities for lifelong learning.

Your investment in the mission of the Alabama Humanities Foundation will have a similar result as had the man who bought the farm. Contact us today with your gift.

Written by: Paul L.