AHF Board Member Offers Copy of Book for Donation to Foundation

For a minimum donation of $35 to the Alabama Humanities Foundation, you can request a limited, special edition copy of Cotton Mary, numbered and signed by AHF Board member and author Bob Whetstone. Send a personal check made out to “Alabama Humanities Foundation” and indicate in a letter, along with your mailing address, that you would like to receive a copy of Cotton Mary.

All proceeds will benefit the Alabama Humanities Foundation and its programs.

Send letter and payment to:
Alabama Humanities Foundation
c/o Paul Lawson
1100 Ireland Way, Ste. 101
Birmingham, AL 35205

About Cotton Mary
“Mary Christine Tarley’s story is typical of many under-educated Southern women who were attracted to jobs in cotton mills in the 1930s, only to find themselves bound to the mill by the same threads they wove into cloth.”
—Bob Whetstone, AHF Board member and author of Cotton Mary, writes in the acknowledgements of his new historical fiction novel

Mr. Whetstone’s new book offers an inside look at the company-owned textile mill villages. The book’s protagonist, Mary, is “lured into dime-an-hour wages in a mill,” away from her family farm, only to find that she must rely on “every ounce of her coping skills to survive.”