Alabama Book Festival postponed

As our state and nation face the pandemic of COVID-19, or coronavirus, social responsibility has become the guiding principle in how we deal with this looming crisis.

It is incumbent upon each of us, as individuals and as groups and organizations, to take precautions that might seem extreme but are aimed at slowing the rate of people who are infected.

It is with that thought in mind that Alabama Humanities Foundation wants to do its part in the effort to keep people safer.

Following the recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control against gatherings of more than 10 people, Alabama Humanities Foundation is postponing the Alabama Book Festival, which was set for April 18 in Old Alabama Town, Montgomery.

Our plan is to reevaluate at a later date and reschedule this important literary event for our state.

Across the state and nation, similar postponements and cancellations are being done in an effort to curb the escalation of COVID-19. It has been declared a pandemic, and President Donald Trump has declared it a National Emergency.

In Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey has declared a state of emergency and ordered schools closed for two and a half weeks. Colleges and universities, as well as the community college system, have moved to online class delivery.

Cities across the state and throughout our nation are taking critical steps to ensure the public is better protected.

At Alabama Humanities Foundation, we appreciate the support given to all of our events, grants and programs, but our number one role right now is one of social responsibility.