Michel Martin of National Public Radio’s All Things Considered returns as moderator of The Alabama Colloquium.

National Public Radio’s Michel Martin will moderate the third Alabama Colloquium, set for Oct. 7 at The Club in Birmingham.

The Alabama Colloquium is an annual event showcasing the importance of the humanities and individuals who demonstrate humanities in action. Alabama Humanities Foundation will honor four Alabama Fellows, who will engage in a discussion of life in Alabama and the role the humanities have played in their lives.

When Alabama Humanities Foundation unveiled The Alabama Colloquium in 2017, organizers hoped it would be a refreshing departure from a traditional annual luncheon awards format. What happened next did not disappoint.

AHF Executive Director Armand DeKeyser sums up the event: “The Alabama Colloquium captures precisely what humanities is all about – inspiring, teaching, critical thinking. It is provocative, entertaining and enlightening all at the same time.”


Alabama Humanities Fellows are individuals who have made exemplary contributions to public understanding and valuing of the humanities and in keeping with the Alabama Humanities Foundation’s mission to foster understanding and appreciation of Alabama peoples, communities, and cultures. Fellows’ efforts might include leadership on behalf of a cultural or educational institution, strong advocacy, significant scholarly achievement, or outstanding public-facing work embodying the values and perspectives of the humanities.

2019 Alabama Humanities Fellows are: 

Marquita Davis
Fred Gray
Jody Singer
Howell Raines

AHF Chair Trey Granger states, “The Alabama Humanities Fellowship is designed to honor those persons who boldly contribute to the cultural fabric of our great state, and the Colloquium will be the cornerstone event of Alabama Humanities Foundation that allows all of us an opportunity to listen in upon a marvelous and enriching conversation.”

“Alabama is home to a rich and diverse culture of people – including artisans, jurists, writers, industrialists, educators, performers, designers, culinary persons and philanthropists. The opportunity to bring four noted but diverse Alabamians together on one stage for an inspiring conversation highlights the robust aspects of Alabama culture while underscoring the many components of our common humanity.”