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Upcoming Events
9:00 am Alabama History Day 2020 Teacher... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Alabama History Day 2020 Teacher... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Jul 15 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Alabama History Day teacher orientation workshops have returned! This time we are facilitating three, 3-hour webinar workshops that will introduce teachers to the National History Day program and offer methods on how to establish the[...]
8:30 am Alabama Citizens Fighting for Ci... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Alabama Citizens Fighting for Ci... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Jul 20 @ 8:30 am
Meeting Day 1 Objectives: Teachers will learn the Structured Academic Controversy deliberation strategy. Teachers will analyze the components of “right to counsel” across two Supreme Court cases. Teachers will apply “right to counsel” as they[...]
8:30 am Alabama Citizens Fighting for Ci... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Alabama Citizens Fighting for Ci... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Jul 21 @ 8:30 am
Meeting Day 2 Objectives: Teachers will learn a gerrymandering simulation. Teachers will argue a recent Supreme Court gerrymandering case as members of the Court. Teachers will reflect on the learning challenges and scaffolding necessary when[...]
8:30 am Alabama Citizens Fighting for Ci... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Alabama Citizens Fighting for Ci... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Jul 22 @ 8:30 am
Meeting Day 3 Objectives: Teachers will learn the response group discussion strategy. Teachers will apply the “freedom of association” right establsihed in the NAACP case to modern issues related to terrorism and religious organizations. Teachers will reflect[...]
8:30 am Alabama Citizens Fighting for Ci... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Alabama Citizens Fighting for Ci... @ ZOOM - Virtual
Jul 23 @ 8:30 am
Meeting Day 4 Objectives: Teachers will learn the Socratic Seminar discussion strategy. Teachers will learn various legal definitions and application of “discrimination” based on gender (strict scrutiny, etc.) Teachers will apply the legal rationale for[...]


AHF is offering its regular quarterly programming grants at this time. Please note that the deadline for CARES Grant applications has passed.

Grants — major and mini — are available to Alabama nonprofits to support humanities programming. Alabama Humanities welcomes and encourages proposals related to the experience of the current pandemic. Please direct questions to Grants Director Graydon Rust at grust@alabamahumanities.org.

Other grant opportunities

For information about additional relief grants provided directly by NEH, please Click HERE.

To access a scholarship opportunity for classroom teachers, visit our Jenice Riley Memorial Scholarship section HERE.

AHF can offer these grants thanks to funding provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities and federal CARES Act.


AHF is offering virtual versions of its long-standing public speaker series presentations, teacher professional development opportunities, and other programs. 

In our continuing series of virtual SUPER Teacher Workshops comes a four-day event – Alabama Citizens Fighting for Civil Rights: Landmark Supreme Court Cases – July 20-23, beginning at 8:30 each day.

Centering on landmark cases that have influenced U.S. history and legal rights for seven decades, it is led by social studies educators and a constitutional law professor. Stipend, free book offered to first 20 teachers who register and complete the course. 

Learn more by clicking here.

Stayed tuned and join us for a variety of programs over the coming weeks. Please direct questions to Programs Director Melanie Bouyer at mbouyer@alabamahumanities.org.

Other learning opportunities

AHF can offer these programs thanks to generous funding from our donors.


AHF is offering weekly links – to materials from literature, history and poetry – for comfort and perspective during the Covid-19 experience. 

The study of history has taken on new relevance in this time of fear, loss and uncertainty. Historic events enter and exit our collective conscious depending on current events. Consider, for example, the 1918 flu pandemic, which caused 50 million deaths worldwide. To aid our perspective, AHF asked historian Jeffrey Bibbee to offer “Epidemic: Exploring the Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919,” an online lecture.

Further reflection:

In times of grief, loss and anxiety, what brings you solace?

AHF can offer these resources thanks to the good work of our many colleagues and partners in the humanities.