Alabama Power CEO expresses support for AHF

Mark Crosswhite, Alabama Power Co. CEO

Mark Crosswhite, Alabama Power Co. CEO

When one of the most influential CEOs in Alabama speaks, it is akin to the concept behind the old television commercial, “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.”

We are grateful to Alabama Power Co. CEO Mark Crosswhite for his endorsement of Alabama Humanities Foundation during a Q & A in Alliance Magazine, a publication of the Birmingham Business Alliance.

In the interview, Crosswhite talks of a strong arts and humanities community as a “critical factor” in recruiting a company to the state. “Supporting those great cultural amenities, that’s part of economic development, too,” he said.

Following is the full text of his comments:

As I mentioned, economic development is a big focus for me. Right now, I’m serving as chairman of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, which works with the BBA, the state and others on economic development. I’m also on the board of the Virginia Samford Theatre — Birmingham has a terrific theater scene, which is something else that surprises a lot of newcomers. I also support the Alabama Humanities Foundation, which also may surprise some people. Why does a business guy support the humanities? The arts and humanities are some of our city’s and our state’s most underappreciated treasures. But having a strong arts and cultural community can be a critical factor in getting a company to choose us over some other place. Supporting those great cultural amenities, that’s part of economic development, too.

As a leader in economic development for this state, Crosswhite knows of what he speaks. And people are indeed listening.

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