Artist plays historian

Wesley Higgins, an artist involved in AHF’s 50th-anniversary celebration of To Kill a Mockingbird, decided to do some major research on the history and architecture of his subject, the Monroe County Courthouse in Monroe County, Alabama. Higgins created a LEGO® sculpture replica of the Old Courthouse, which can be viewed here, and he even blogged about the courthouse history on his own site. (Thanks for sharing the humanities with your readers, Wesley!)

Many other artists took a similar approach in creating their artwork–some reread the book, some interviewed those who had read the book, and others simply looked at the book’s historical effect on our state, nation and world.

The Alabama Humanities Foundation’s hope for TKAM2010 is that people (not only in Alabama, but the world over!) will pick Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird back up, reread it, and, most importantly, share their new thoughts, feelings and insights with others–just like our wonderful 30+ contributing artists have done.

We’re seeing and enjoying a true humanities approach to our event, and we hope you’ll join in!

**Event tickets available for purchase!

Written by: Katie C.