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Here We Mark the Price of Freedom

On Veterans Day, AHF Board of Directors chairman Jim Noles travelled to Pine Hill, Alabama, to speak at the town’s third annual Veterans Day celebration.  Pine Hill is a small town with a population of approximately 400 people, in Wilcox County, about two and a half hours south of Birmingham.  The following are Jim’s remarks. I thank […]

Native American Heritage month arrives early in Alabama

Each year the president of the United States declares November as Native American Heritage Month. As President Barack Obama stated in his 2009 proclamation: “The indigenous peoples of North America—the first Americans—have woven rich and diverse threads into the tapestry of our nation’s heritage. Throughout their long history on this great land, they have faced […]

Part 1: An archival excavation

Occasionally, we get a call or e-mail from someone, or we read something in the newspaper, which leads us out of the office to explore a community, visit a humanities-related organization, or meet an Alabamian who shares our interest in the humanities. But sometimes we are contacted about a project that leads us to explore […]

Moundville and Memphis

As every Alabamian knows, on gamedays in the fall, there are more people present within the city of Tuscaloosa than any other place else in the state–save Birmingham and (depending on the number of Druid City residents holding tickets at Bryant-Denny Stadium) perhaps Montgomery or Mobile. But, let’s put this boast into context. According to […]