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National Arts and Humanities Month

There are two weeks left in October, two weeks more of National Arts and Humanities Month. As the president said in 2009, “Throughout our nation’s history, the power of the arts and humanities to move people has built bridges and enriched lives, bringing individuals and communities together through the resonance of creative expression. It is […]

MoMS Exhibition: I’m A Travelin’ Man

The Alabama Humanities Foundation will sponsor a traveling exhibition called “Journey Stories” in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution beginning June 25 in Jasper. This post is the first in a series that will highlight our own personal journey stories. Our stories may include how our ancestors traveled from far away lands to come to America, […]

Early Female Chroniclers of African-American Life in Alabama

AHF Recognizes Women’s History Month During March, we will feature a series of blog posts focusing on Women’s History Month. Please join us in the discussion and comment with your own opinions and tales. As February—Black History Month—turns to March—Women’s History Month—it’s worth noting that three women played key roles in recording the African-American experience […]

The Sand Painter

In our rented Outback, we glide in awe through the New Mexico deserts and mountains, a treasure trove of southwestern American history, reveling in the jewel-toned landscape that fades from reds to purples, to browns to yellows and beyond. Eyes feasting on the constantly changing scenery from Albuquerque to Farmington, we are certain our journey […]

My true love: The Impressionists and Post-Impressionists

This post is written in honor of National Arts and Humanities Month. We are highlighting different humanities topics that we are passionate about and hope you’ll share your passions with us too! Remember the scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” when Ferris’s best friend Cameron stands before Georges Seurat’s giant painting, A Sunday on La […]

Happy National Arts and Humanities Month!!

October is here…fall weather, football, and pumpkins abound. But one more reason to celebrate the 10th month is National Arts and Humanities Month. During October, we at the Alabama Humanities Foundation will bring you a series of blog posts highlighting some of our favorite humanities topics. These could be art history, literature, film studies…whatever we […]

Artist plays historian

Wesley Higgins, an artist involved in AHF’s 50th-anniversary celebration of To Kill a Mockingbird, decided to do some major research on the history and architecture of his subject, the Monroe County Courthouse in Monroe County, Alabama. Higgins created a LEGO® sculpture replica of the Old Courthouse, which can be viewed here, and he even blogged […]