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A pocketful of music

Attired to test the limits of the dress code, the 12 surly teenagers shuffle in. Who would possibly look forward to embracing this marginal collection of anti-social misfits whose behavior has them teetering on the edge of permanent suspension? Leaning against the desk up front, Bruce attracts only passing glances until one by one each […]

Artist plays historian

Wesley Higgins, an artist involved in AHF’s 50th-anniversary celebration of To Kill a Mockingbird, decided to do some major research on the history and architecture of his subject, the Monroe County Courthouse in Monroe County, Alabama. Higgins created a LEGO® sculpture replica of the Old Courthouse, which can be viewed here, and he even blogged […]

TKAM 2010: The man from Maycomb and the man from Maui

In the AHF-organized exhibition, “TKAM 2010: To Kill a Mockingbird—Awakening America’s Conscience,” are two arresting portraits: “Slavery” by Nall, and “Charles” by Caleb O’Connor. Neither work was executed specifically for the show, though Nall created “Slavery” in 2006 as an icon for the “Violata Pax” exhibition in Monaco using references to the book. Nevertheless, both […]

Celebrating birthdays

My recent birthday was fairly normal as birthdays go. The family excused me for some of the day to take in a college basketball game, and the good guys won. The fun is in the winning, and that got the day off to a great start. The hoops game was followed by a nice birthday […]

Be a part of the art

As part of its commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the publishing of To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM), and to celebrate the book’s lasting significance for the state, country and the world, AHF has asked select local, statewide and national artists to create original works of art inspired by the book and its themes. The […]

Those stinking winds of change

When it comes to change, we humans are persnickety. Visits with my father to his old neighborhood on Staten Island, New York, invariably raised his bitter lament about a deli that had become a high-rise apartment complex. I felt obliged to comfort him by repeating what he said earlier in our trip. “Isn’t that the […]