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Resources to learn a foreign language

I grew up learning English and French simultaneously, and I honestly don’t remember which language I spoke first. The advantages to knowing another language has been great for me, culturally and career-wise. Learning another language can be a tedious task. I was fortunate enough to have been raised in France and fully immersed in its […]

An inheritance of literary enjoyment

One of the most cherished gifts I have ever received was from my grandmother-in-law. I loved going out to see her, because she was an amazing woman–with such a strong personality that commanded respect–and also because she had one room covered wall to wall with books. She had every kind of book imaginable–a true mixture […]

The melting pot of Alabama

If you are as interested as me in the diversity of cultures, you’ll be happy to know that Alabama is actually quite a melting pot of heritage, tradition and language. There are so many opportunities at your fingertips from which you can benefit and appreciate the diversity of human experiences right here in your home […]