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Mr. P.’s Opus

Fresh out of the wild blue yonder, the WWII combat pilot touched down in the small East Alabama town to continue serving his country, now as a high-school physics teacher. However, his vision of guiding young minds toward careers in science and technology began to lose its luster before year’s end. Mr. P, as he […]

Blazing new trails

After a lunch of mystery meat wedged between mashed potatoes and jiggly gelatin, I had filed into the seventh grade classroom to endure the second half of the first day of school. Mrs. Jones greeted each student with a book, a clever way to induce a period of tranquility as we settled at our desks […]

“Our Town” is more than a play

Attending class reunions has never appealed to me, but the invitation to this one was special. Bevelle School, named for Gov. Braxton Bragg Comer’s daughter, opened its doors to the children of Avondale Mills’ employees in 1920. Attending school was compulsory for mill kids from age four through the ninth grade. This benefit lasted until […]

Renewed view on music

As a young lad growing up in the shadow of a thriving textile mill, I found a virtual paradise among the creosote-covered houses of the village—swimming pool, baseball, basketball, scouting and music. All were free and within walking distance. It was music that caught my attention at a very early age. (more…)