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The Pianist of Willesden Lane tells the story of a Holocaust survivor

More than 1,100 students from 18 schools across the state were afforded a rare opportunity to attend Mona Golabek’s performance of The Pianist of Willesden Lane at Sanford University on April 22. Mona Golabek; Grammy nominee, concert pianist, author of The Children of Willesden Lane, and daughter of a Holocaust survivor; tells her mother’s story of survival interwoven with performances of […]

A Touch of Foolishness

Bert Kaempfert was a little known orchestra leader, a songwriter and arranger during the “big band” era of the 1950’s. His recordings enjoyed only moderate success until he recorded “Red Roses for a Blue Lady,” a song that had been around for two decades without hitting the charts. German born Kaempfert’s rendition of this tune, […]

A pocketful of music

Attired to test the limits of the dress code, the 12 surly teenagers shuffle in. Who would possibly look forward to embracing this marginal collection of anti-social misfits whose behavior has them teetering on the edge of permanent suspension? Leaning against the desk up front, Bruce attracts only passing glances until one by one each […]

A place for the piano

The humanities approach to music, often referred to as musicology, involves more than just listening to or producing sound. Behind the melody, there is a method. Behind the tune, a tale. And behind the instrument, almost always, a rich history. For years, I have viewed our family piano in the same way. To me, it […]

Music in our bones

Wherever I may be, whatever I’m engaged in, if I hear music start up—I stop. I listen. And I involuntarily identify the tune. This automatic name-that-tune response must have imprinted on my brain during my early years of music training and brief career teaching music. If I go to any restaurant that features live musicians […]