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Equal Education

AHF Recognizes Black History Month During February, we will feature a series of blog posts focusing on Black History Month. Please join us in the discussion and comment with your own opinions and tales. Written by blogger Dominique Linchet, Ph.D., AHF’s grants director As a long-time educator and as I reflect upon what it means […]

Opposing Forces

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic Arizona shooting, I am consumed with despair, barely able to keep my attention on driving home through the heavy afternoon traffic, my mind shuffles through a stack of possibilities searching for a trump—a solution to the intense rancorous rhetoric that has come to dominate public discourse. The interview […]

The Sand Painter

In our rented Outback, we glide in awe through the New Mexico deserts and mountains, a treasure trove of southwestern American history, reveling in the jewel-toned landscape that fades from reds to purples, to browns to yellows and beyond. Eyes feasting on the constantly changing scenery from Albuquerque to Farmington, we are certain our journey […]

Vanishing Villages

Gusts of cool wind from Lake Superior buffet the car as I drive along Wisconsin Highway 2, approaching the Michigan line. Turning inland towards my vacation destination, it seems I am embarking on a journey into my past. Driving through a cluster of small mining towns near the northern border of the U.S. takes me […]

Happy National Arts and Humanities Month!!

October is here…fall weather, football, and pumpkins abound. But one more reason to celebrate the 10th month is National Arts and Humanities Month. During October, we at the Alabama Humanities Foundation will bring you a series of blog posts highlighting some of our favorite humanities topics. These could be art history, literature, film studies…whatever we […]