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I hate I missed that…

A story credited to Mark Twain is that there once was a steamboat on the Mississippi River, which stopped dead still in the water every time its whistle was blown. It couldn’t proceed until more steam was developed. With that thought in mind, we will not blow too much of an AHF horn regarding the […]

Where’s the green?

As the story goes…an elderly, die-hard golfer from Fosters passes away from this old world and finds himself at the pearly gates. St. Peter unfolds the Book of Life and tells the old golfer that he has lived an exemplary life and can enter. Of course, the first question the man asks St. Peter is, […]

A short straw

There is a saying around Enterprise, Alabama: “If you paddle your own canoe, there is no one to rock the boat.” Last week I heard a story from a small town, not far from the Enterprise city limits. A farmer used to sit on a stone ridge that crossed his land and mourn over the […]

First time’s a charm

Ever tried doing something for the first time? Change a flat? Fix a leaking faucet? Ride a bike? Paint a wall? Hit a baseball? Dive off the high dive? It is unusual for someone to do an outstanding job of something they undertake for the first time. And, when such an exception occurs, all are […]

Planning your will

At the age of 57, Eleanor Roosevelt looked back on her life and wrote, “Somewhere along life’s way we discover what we truly are, and then make real decisions for which we are responsible.” The same is true about an individual’s will. (more…)

Geared towards people, not just numbers

My AHF duties took me to Demopolis on June 1. I have lived in Alabama all of my life, but until Monday I had never been to Demopolis. It’s a wonderful town in a beautiful Alabama setting–passed a lot of people on the highway going and coming and made some new friends once there. (more…)

Getting bogged down

I often “do things” and never accomplish any real results. I remember the story about the motorist in West Alabama who drove into a service station one day and asked for 10 gallons of gas. Immediately, three station attendants sprang into action. One did the old traditional windshield wipe, another checked the tires, and the […]