Dimensions of Traditional and Modern India

Led by: Priya Menon, Ph.D and Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr., Ph.D. who are professors of English, Troy University
Site: Troy University, Troy
Dates: June 10-13, 2013
Residential (Lodging and all meals provided)

India is of great interest in the world today because of its growing educational, economic, scientific, and cultural interactions with all other nations. Since the coming of national independence, a redeveloped indigenous culture has emerged influencing the nation’s social and political climate. This institute will allow participants to investigate the social, political, scientific and technological, educational, economic, cultural, and historical foundations of modern India and the effects of the dynamic position of India in the world today. Presentations will allow participants to explore India’s independence from British colonial domination, the rise of Modern India, Education in India, Science and Technology developed by India’s scientists, and various cultural and literary topics in an effort to deliver a balanced and comprehensive understanding of India’s past, present, and aspirations for the future.

Troy University possesses a cadre of subject-matter experts on topics relating to India within the ranks of its administration and faculty. This local group of scholars will be supplemented by researchers from other academic institutions who possess knowledge particularly appropriate to our topic. Presenters will be drawn from a variety of academic disciplines, approaching the issues from various points of view, in order to deliver a program of instruction that will inform, stimulate, and prepare educators to further the education of Alabama’s next generation of world leaders.

Housing at Troy University and all meals will be provided.

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