Embracing the humanities in the New Year

Over the past several months, I have blogged about the importance of embracing the many facets of the humanities. The opportunities to benefit and appreciate the diversity of human experiences through heritage, tradition and language are clearly boundless right here in the state of Alabama.

It is easy to lecture away at the advantages of delving into the humanities, all the while never truly pursuing the goal oneself. So, in the spirit of the New Year and its refreshing sense of starting anew, I have decided to recap some of my previous points and truly take them to heart myself.

Let this list be a reminder to you as well and perhaps a starting point for creating your own!

In the year 2010, I will:

  1. Learn about the foreign cultures within my own state (i.e. museums, festivals, community involvement, etc.)
  2. Start to create a library of various genres for my son and daughter.
  3. Speak more French to my son and daughter so that they, too, can profit from being bilingual.
  4. Participate in a writing workshop.
  5. Take the whole family to the theater to see a play, a musical, or a ballet.

As I have said before, it is a true luxury to live in a state that allows for a mixture of cultures and the resources to support all aspects of the humanities. Let us take advantage of and fully enjoy our heritage, traditions and languages in this New Year.

Bonne Année et Bonne Santé à tous! Happy New Year!

Written by: Béverly B.