Alabama Citizens Fighting for Civil Rights: Landmark Supreme Court Cases Lesson 4 of 4

July 23, 2020 @ 8:30 am
ZOOM - Virtual

Meeting Day 4


  • Teachers will learn the Socratic Seminar discussion strategy.
  • Teachers will learn various legal definitions and application of “discrimination” based on gender (strict scrutiny, etc.)
  • Teachers will apply the legal rationale for and against discrimination based on gender as they deliberate whetehr or not women should be required to register for selective service.
  • Teachers will reflect on the learning challenges and scaffolding necessary when implementing problem-based inquiry with younger learners.


8:30-9:30 PIH Lesson: Frontiero v Richardson: Gender Discrimination, Dr. Jesús TIrado


9:45-10:45 PIH Lesson: Congressional Hearing: Should women be required to register  for the selective service?


11:00-12:00 Dr. Steve Brown provides historical context and explains Constitutional rights  established in the featured case. Dr. Brown explain current implications for the  case being debated in legal and political contexts, including Q&A.


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For more, read our Super Teacher Program page. 


Teachers will experience four inquiry-based lessons as 6-12 grade students on landmark Supreme Court cases that originated in Alabama and had significant impacts on national civil rights law. By the end of the workshop, teachers will leave with four problem-based inquiry strategies as well as a deeper understanding of the historical, constitutional, and democratic values inherent in the landmark cases that have influenced US history and legal rights for the past 70 years. The workshop will be led by an interdisciplinary team of social studies teacher educators and a constitutional law professor.

This workshop will be offered via video conferencing. A computer and wifi access will be required for participation. 


Lead Scholar: 

Dr. Jada Kohlmeier, Professor & Program Coordinator 

Secondary Social Studies Education 

Auburn University 


Additional Scholars: 

Dr. Jesús Tirado, Assistant Professor 

Secondary Social Studies Education 

Auburn University 


Mr. Nick Phillips, Ph.D. Candidate 

Secondary Social Studies Education 

Auburn University 


Dr. Steve Brown, Associate Professor 

Department of Political Science 

Auburn University 


Materials and Resources to be Provided 


    The first 20 teachers who register will  receive a copy of: Brown, Steve (in press). Alabama Justice: Cases and Faces that Changed a Nation. University of Alabama Press 

    All teachers receive free access to the PIH web site, including the lesson materials featured in the workshop as well as over 50 wise practice lessons for models of lesson design, scaffolds, documents, and reference materials. 



Free book & stipend for the first 20 teachers who sign up and attend the entire workshop July 20-23.  

We will pay a stipend  of $100.00 to the first 20 teachers.  


Free book & stipend for the first 20 teachers who sign up and attend the entire workshop.  

We will pay a stipend  of $100.00 to the first 20 teachers.