Humanities for all

Talk of the humanities can be a little daunting. If you’ve ever been in discussion about the humanities and, wanting to run and hide, thought to yourself, “I don’t know what all this means,” you’re not alone. The term is one of those whose definition some of us don’t really know–but at least we know we should know it, right?

The fact is, however, we all know what the humanities are, we just don’t know we do. Furthermore, we’re all involved, in one way or another, in the humanities disciplines. This is what the Kudzu Twines Journal is out to prove.

The fact is, we all know what the humanities are, we just don’t know we do.

While at the Alabama Humanities Foundation we pride ourselves on programs involving the state’s best humanities scholars; offering stellar educational opportunities to the public (for free!); and shedding light on the rich culture and history of the state, we readily recognize our work isn’t just for those well-versed in literature, jurisprudence, history or art history, to name a few. We see a true need for community conversation and civic engagement; we know the Internet is a great forum for important and relevant discussions.

This is where you come in:

We want to gather your interesting input on cultural issues. We want to hear your takes on literature written by Alabama authors, and we want to read your Alabama stories, too. We want you to, as our mission states, find ways to explore human values and meanings through the humanities. And we hope, if you’re like us, you’ll enjoy learning new things about the state and the world as a whole.

So, sit back, read and relax (and contribute!)–and become enveloped in the humanities. (It’s likely you’ll find you already are.)

Special note: congratulations to rebecca_morrow, winner of the AHF Twitter competition.

Written by: Katie C.