Literature and the Veteran Experience

At this time in our country’s history, with thousands of returning soldiers assimilating into life at home, Alabama Humanities Foundation is proud to pilot Literature and the Veteran Experience in our state.

In August, we concluded the pilot year, serving 60 veterans and active military personnel in three cities. Through the humanities, this program aims to:

• Provide a veteran-centered setting and context for veterans to connect with one another, build relationships and share their experiences.

• Create an opportunity for veterans to give voice to and reflect upon issues of particular interest or concern.

• Engage with materials that offer opportunities for veterans to make connections between their own experience and the experiences of others across time and culture.

One participant summed up the effectiveness and immense potential of the program: ‘It really helped me break out of my shell and reach out to fellow veterans, soldiers, and civilians. It accomplished what months of therapy could not.’