New Alabama History Day Special Award

Alabama Humanities Foundation is excited to announce a new special award for this year’s Alabama History Day competition!

The Interstate Character Council Award is for AHD students who exhibit character or the development of character throughout the AHD process be it through their personal experience in the competition or as observed in their historical topic for the competition. Students interested in being considered for this award should submit a 200-word essay citing specific instances of character engagement during the AHD process after their AHD project has been completed. For group projects, each student within a group should include a 200-word statement and submit one collaborative document. The submission portal for award submissions will be available in the coming weeks. Please be on the look out for notice of the portal’s opening. For any questions regarding the Interstate Character Council Award contact Alabama History Day coordinator, Jerald Crook at

There will be one $250 award presented to students in each of the Junior and Senior categories for a total of $500 being awarded in total.

The Interstate Character Council Award has been made possible by the Interstate Character Council, Inc. an initiative whose mission is to promote, encourage, and support character building in schools and communities worldwide. The organization’s vision is to foster a better society built on strength through compassion and to encourage kindness to one another by connecting education and community stakeholders nationwide to promote character ideals. The Interstate Character Council, Inc. promotes character principles included in the Alabama Character Education Mandate of 1995 other southern character education mandates. They are as follows: courage, patriotism, citizenship, honesty, fairness, respect for others, kindness, cooperation, self-respect, self-control, courtesy, compassion, tolerance, diligence, generosity, punctuality, cleanliness, cheerfulness, school pride, respect for the environment, patience, creativity, sportsmanship, loyalty, and perseverance.

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