New Deadlines for AHF’s Grants Program

Grant Submission Final Deadlines are now:  February 15, June 15 and September 15
Our past grant deadlines for mini and major are no longer valid.

Changes to Mini Grant Category and Procedures

Grant Amount: Up to $1,500 in Outright funds. Requires a 1:1 cost-share match.
Mini Grants are designed for flexibility and ease for smaller organizations, but all eligible organizations are welcome to apply. Mini Grants support a wide variety of public humanities projects from workshops and small exhibitions to reading/discussion series and lecture/discussion programs. Mini Grants are different from Major Grants in that they feature significantly reduced and simplified application requirements.

Mini Grant applications require only the following:

  • Project Narrative (two-page max)
  • Summary Budget (two-page max)
  • Project Director (abbreviated vita – one-page max)
  • Humanities Advisor (abbreviated vita – one-page max)

Major Grant Categories and Guidelines remain unchanged.

  • Public Discussion Programs Up to $8,500 in Outright funds. Requires a 1:1 cost-share match.
  • Exhibitions Up to $10,000 in Outright funds. Requires a 1:1 cost-share match.
  • Teacher Programs Up to $17,500 in Outright funds. Requires a 1:1 cost-share match.
  • Media Projects Up to $5,000 in Matching Funds for Research and Development Phase. Up to $20,000 in Matching Funds for Production Phase.  Requires 2:1 cash match of third-party funds.

Preliminary Grant Application Requirement
In order for a major grant proposal to be considered for funding, a Preliminary Grant Application must be submitted via email to the Grants Director at least two weeks in advance of the application deadline. The Preliminary Grant Application must consist of a two-page Summary Narrative outlining project goals, humanities focus and scholarship, intended audience, key project personnel, and publicity and marketing strategy, and a Summary Budget detailing proposed grant funds and proposed applicant cost-share, which may include in-kind. Applicants should contact the AHF Grants Director with any questions or concerns prior to submitting the Preliminary Grant Application and Final Grant Application.

For more about AHF’s grant program, please visit or contract Grants Director, Thomas Bryant at or (205) 558-3997.

The grants program accommodates the broadest possible range of topics and formats for imaginative proposals. Applicants are encouraged to develop projects for a wide variety of audiences, including: library and museum patrons, teachers and scholars, youth, senior citizens, nursing home residents, hospital patients, the economically disadvantaged, the incarcerated, and the hearing and sight impaired.

AHF awards grants solely to support public humanities projects. Active public participation, involvement of humanities scholars, and strong humanities content are the three essential ingredients of AHF-funded projects.