Up-and-coming historians publish new journal

The Chi Omicron chapter of Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is publishing a revamped version of their award-winning journal, The Vulcan Historical Review (VHR). Due out in July, this year’s VHR features a wide variety of historical topics as well as color photographs and a new […]

Planning your will

At the age of 57, Eleanor Roosevelt looked back on her life and wrote, “Somewhere along life’s way we discover what we truly are, and then make real decisions for which we are responsible.” The same is true about an individual’s will. (more…)

The melting pot of Alabama

If you are as interested as me in the diversity of cultures, you’ll be happy to know that Alabama is actually quite a melting pot of heritage, tradition and language. There are so many opportunities at your fingertips from which you can benefit and appreciate the diversity of human experiences right here in your home […]

Shout-out to the numbers lady!

About the middle of each month, Patricia Williams, AHF Financial Officer, puts four thick file folders in my mailbox. They contain bank reconciliations for three separate checking accounts, financial statements for our federal and non-federal accounts, and back-up information regarding how she arrives at the figures in the statements. She also prepares subsidiary ledgers detailing […]

“Our Town” is more than a play

Attending class reunions has never appealed to me, but the invitation to this one was special. Bevelle School, named for Gov. Braxton Bragg Comer’s daughter, opened its doors to the children of Avondale Mills’ employees in 1920. Attending school was compulsory for mill kids from age four through the ninth grade. This benefit lasted until […]

Geared towards people, not just numbers

My AHF duties took me to Demopolis on June 1. I have lived in Alabama all of my life, but until Monday I had never been to Demopolis. It’s a wonderful town in a beautiful Alabama setting–passed a lot of people on the highway going and coming and made some new friends once there. (more…)

SES was a success!

On June 11, 2009, we took our SUPER Emerging Scholars to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to pair up with the Institute’s Legacy Youth Leadership program participants. We brought with us our lead scholars, Dr. Jacqueline Wood and Dr. Karen Gardiner, as well as Dr. Amalia Amaki, to share lessons in the humanities in conjunction […]

Your roots are showing

The University of West Alabama will conclude its “New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music” tour with Southern humorist Nan Graham as she presents “Your Roots Are Showing: Personal Stories about Folksingers from Sumter County,” on Tuesday, June 23, at 6:30 p.m. in the Callaway Schoolhouse. “New Harmonies” is part of Museum on Main Street, a […]

Addressing a historical blind spot in Alabama

The topic of a major 2009 SUPER Teacher Institute is one that SUPER participants have consistently requested the past 7+ years I have served as manager of this program. The Institute, which runs June 28-July 3, will discuss “Slavery in Alabama: Public Amnesia and Historical Memory,” and is a partnership project of the Alabama Humanities […]