Equipping Alabama’s teachers

The Alabama Humanities Foundation is pleased to announce the seventh annual Jenice Riley Memorial Scholarship, benefiting kindergarten through sixth-grade Social Studies teachers. This is a professional development opportunity for teachers to receive a $1,000 scholarship to enhance their teaching abilities. It is named for the late daughter of Bob and Patsy Riley as a means […]

Lots to do in Livingston

“New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music” had a fabulous opening last Tuesday at the University of West Alabama in Livingston! Ted Whisenhunt, a musician as well as an artist, performed with the Kudzu String Band. Children danced to the music and everyone enjoyed the festivity. The Smithsonian exhibition looks great in the galleries in the […]

Renewed view on music

As a young lad growing up in the shadow of a thriving textile mill, I found a virtual paradise among the creosote-covered houses of the village—swimming pool, baseball, basketball, scouting and music. All were free and within walking distance. It was music that caught my attention at a very early age. (more…)

Humanities for all

Talk of the humanities can be a little daunting. If you’ve ever been in discussion about the humanities and, wanting to run and hide, thought to yourself, “I don’t know what all this means,” you’re not alone. The term is one of those whose definition some of us don’t really know–but at least we know […]