Pictures from an exhibition

Now on the AHF website are nearly 100 photos of our recent To Kill a Mockingbird events in Birmingham and Montgomery. The events included a panel discussion at Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church on the impact of the book on the legal profession and the court system; an opening night exhibition reception and silent auction at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute; an opening reception at Stonehenge Gallery in Montgomery; screening of the 1962 film, starring Gregory Peck, before a packed audience at the Capri Theatre adjacent to Stonehenge; and a reception and silent and live auction at Wynfield Estates in Montgomery, home of the late Winton “Red” and Carolyn Blount. If you missed one or more of the events, the photos are an excellent documentation of the art, the associated educational programs and the social gatherings.

The last of these three, the social element, is not insignificant. The humanities—at least as we practice the public humanities—have an indisputable social aspect. People at public humanities programs are not cloistered in a basement archive, nor are they lecturing and grading tests for high school or college students. They mingle together, chat about their families and tell stories of old times together. They form and renew bonds that extend beyond the program’s immediate context. They often eat and (less often) drink the fruits of the vine or field. Thus these occasions are frequently celebrations as much as “cerebrations.”

We generally don’t make a big deal about the receptions or meals accompanying our programs, but they represent an important means of expressing our appreciation to donors and other constituents. There are never enough opportunities to thank the people who support your work, and TKAM offered them in spades. So take a look at the photos and see how we did. When you are finished with the TKAM albums, surf over to our full website, where you can find:

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If you want to add your own gift to AHF, and maybe join us at an upcoming program or reception, take a minute to donate.

We thank you now, and we promise to thank you at every chance we have in the future!