Alabama PRIME TIME Inc. Application


The PRIME TIME Family program grants offers a humanities-focused program designed to engage to 10-25 families and their 3-10 year old children in reading and discussion. A storyteller reads a children’s books and the discussion leader, guides the group to personally connect with literature through open-ended questioning. The program models strategies for continued family bonding through literature, and provides families critical information for continued reading. The format is an interactive storytelling and group discussion that takes place in one 90-minute session per week for 6 weeks.


The program targets families with children 3-10 years old. The program is designed to facilitate 10-25 families per program. Program sessions are 90 minutes long once a week in the evenings for six consecutive weeks. Each evening session includes a free meal for all participants, books given to families, and a lively open-ended discussion based on award-winning children’s literature. Fall sites can choose six consecutive weeks between August 18 – December 30. Spring sites choose any six consecutive weeks between January 10 – June 30. Programs take place in the evenings between 4:30-8 PM. Programs require three to four team members to implement the program. Applicants should submit names, addresses, and contact information of preferred team members. Final team selection is finalized post-grant by program supervisors.


Host sites will receive materials, training, and a stipend to implement on PRIME TIME Family Reading program at their site. Accepted programs receive a set of 6-12 books for each family in the program. Program Coordinators and Preschool Facilitators, Scholars, and Storytellers receive training and program manuals on the PRIME TIME methodology. Sites receive a kit with the necessary materials to publicize their program. Program site receive up to a $1,100 stipend to provide meals and door prizes to participants. All team members are also compensated with a stipend at the close of the programs.


  • Schools, libraries, museums, churches, and other community-based agencies. Priority is given to agencies targeting educational and economically vulnerable populations.
  • Applicants must have a valid EIN# to apply
  • Applicants must provide valid contact information for teams. PRIME TIME managers will contact teams over holidays and Summer breaks. If we are not able to contact team members during these times, the program grant may be revoked.




  • Spring programs begin between January 10 and May 15
  • Fall programs begin between August 18 and November 15

First-time program coordinators should allow for planning time between team member training workshops and their chosen program start date.  Programs take place once each week on the same day between 4:30 – 8 PM in the evenings to allow for full family participation. Choose a day that works best for your target audience. Sessions take place consecutively over six weeks. If necessary, dates can include one skipped session. Note that scheduling programs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday programs is discouraged due to low attendance.


A site team is made up of three to four team members:

  • Program Coordinator – selected by site applicant to organize the program
  • Scholar – Selected by PRIME TIME to lead discussion
  • Storyteller – Selected by PRIME TIME to read stories
  • Preschool Assistant (when necessary) – Selected by site applicant to lead preschool activities. Please make the case for a preschool assistant at your particular site in your application.

Before selecting team members, please review Family Team Members, which outlines the qualifications and responsibilities for each role. All new team members must be available for training during either one weekend in January or one weekend in June.

Applicants must provide complete, accurate, and reliable contact information for all team members. Email addresses and phone numbers provided should be accessible year-round. Failure to do so may jeopardize your program grant. Final team selection is finalized post-grant our PRIME TIME grant managers. If we are not able to contact team members, they may be replaced post-award.

If you are recommending a scholar or storyteller who is not already approved and trained as a PRIME TIME team member, indicate their need for training in the application. Recommendations for new scholars and storytellers are welcomed; however, final team selection is finalized post-grant our PRIME TIME grant managers. Your grant manager will contact the primary contact listed in the application to complete this.


First-time applicants should allow for planning time between team member training workshops and their chosen program start date. First-time team members must complete mandatory training day by the start date of their program.

Program Coordinator, Scholar, Storyteller, and Preschool Facilitator training is a eight hours long, and takes place on a Saturday at our main office in New Orleans. This training is available bi-annually, with one training in mid-July, and another in mid-January.

Team members should only register for training when invited to do so by the PRIME TIME staff.


The primary contract who completes the application is responsible for submitting the Applicant and Host Site Agreement within two weeks after their applications are approved for funding.


Each partner site will receive a set of children’s literature for storytelling and discussion during program sessions. Each set will consist of 17 copies of each title. Applicants must choose a book series on the application. Review the PRIME TIME Book Series document to better understand each series and its associated themes and books before making a selection. Participating families will be permitted to keep all books used during the program for their personal home libraries.


If the agency awarded a PRIME TIME grant decides to forgo implementation of the program, or if AHF cancels the partnership with the agency, the agency is required, within 30 days of the cancellation date, to return to the AHF any funds or materials issued to the agency. This means that if an agency’s program is cancelled after receiving the program support stipend and before the program has begun, the agency is required to return the entire amount of the program support stipend issued to them. If the agency’s program is cancelled after the program has begun (after one or more program sessions have been held), the agency is required to return to AHF the unspent balance of the program support stipend with an expense report and receipts for any items purchased for the session(s) that took place. Grant awards may be cancelled if:

  1. Paperwork is not completed by the specified deadline.
  2. Team members/contractors do not or cannot attend a full training.
  3. Recruitment/attendance at each session is deemed inadequate. This includes consideration of the number of adults and children present and whether those in attendance constitute “families.”
  4. Too many sessions must be skipped, or several sessions must run non-consecutively.
  5. A site monitor or veteran PRIME TIME consultant, based on their expert judgment, finds that major/multiple aspects of the program do not maintain the integrity of the model.


The primary contact on an approved application is responsible for ensuring their Program Coordinator submits final reports and closeout packet within 30 days of the final program session. Instructions on both reports and data packet completion will be given to approved sites post-award. Closeout Packets should be downloaded and reviewed at least 8 weeks before the program start date. Reports and Closeout Packets that are incomplete or provide insufficient detail will be asked to resubmit. Payment for all team members will not be processed until Data Packets and Final Reports are submitted.


All applications are processed through our online application form. Completed applications are due by Wednesday, May 22. If you have any questions about Prime Time Family Reading Time in your community or the application process, please email programs director Jerald Crook at 205.558.3996 or at