Blogging: The New Personal Essay

Presented by Kathleen Thompson, M.F.A. in fiction and poetry, and writer and editor

Students, let’s blog! Say wat? LOL

Blogging is one way to teach the structure of the traditional personal essay. This workshop will identify this structure within sample blog entries. An “autopsy” of an essay (not as dead yet as the master of the personal essay, 19th C. essayist, Charles Lamb) will set forth the similarities between the anatomy of the essay and that of its not-so-distant-as-you-think cousin, the blog.  A blog can grab one’s attention. A blog can persuade you to vote for an American Idol. A blog can teach one how to write a blog. An essay can also do all these things with the same fun and immediacy of the blog. Students may blog to practice for those essays they will be required to write for college entrance or scholarship applications. Because competition can be so fierce in both of these endeavors, this workshop will offer one way to produce an engaging personal essay using the development techniques of narration, process, cause and effect, etc. Identifying tone and voice in the blogs will challenge students to allow their own “divine details” and opinions to pump up their essay-writing skills.

A podium and microphone are requested. A PowerPoint projector, if available, is also requested.

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