Talking about Tallulah

Presented by Frances Robb, social, cultural and photograph historian and museum consultant

Tallulah Bankhead (1902-1968), Alabama’s most celebrated actor, was a talented performer, Jazz Age celebrity and a determined champion of racial equality. Best remembered for her performance in the film Lifeboat , she received awards as a capable, talented performer in several performing media. This slide presentation has three parts. The first presents Bankhead’s most notable achievements, from her role as Regina Giddings in Lillian Hellman’s play The Little Foxes to her work as emcee of the NBC family variety program The Big Show. The second describes Bankhead’s personal life, including her noted Alabama political family, her difficult upbringing, success on the English stage, early appearances in film and stage, and her emergence as a talented actress. The third documents Bankhead’s work for racial tolerance and equality, including her encouragement of black sports figures and musicians, her showcasing of black entertainers on The Big Show , and her forthright views that talent has no color bar and that racial equality was long overdue.

This presentation will be available in slides and as PowerPoint. For groups that do not have equipment, Robb can provide a slide projector and a screen.

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