Oh, Henry! The Surprising Stories of William Sydney Porter

Presented by Dolores Hydock, actress, speaker and storyteller

“O. Henry” is one of the most famous pseudonyms in American literature. It belonged to William Sydney Porter, who is often called “the master of the American short story.” His stories are famous for their surprise endings and ability to show that people and circumstances are rarely exactly what they seem to be. There were some surprises in William Sydney Porter’s own life, too. (He was, at various times, a pharmacist, sheep rancher, land-office clerk, bank teller, publisher, cartoonist and fugitive from justice.) In this program, Will Porter’s personal story is interwoven with updated tellings of some of the less-familiar O. Henry stories, including While the Auto Waits and The Whirligig of Life. These stories show how he used his own diverse experiences to create believable characters and plots, and serve as a reminder of why he was one of the most popular writers of his era, and why his stories continue to entertain, inspire and surprise.

A microphone / access to sound system may be needed, depending on the size of the group.

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