Road Scholar, SUPER Teacher Workshop together June 22

In a dynamic presentation for the Virtual Road Scholars and SUPER Teacher series, find out how Alabama got its shape June 22 at 11 a.m. on Zoom and Alabama Humanities Facebook Live.

Ever wondered why Alabama looks like Mississippi and Georgia, instead of Tennessee?  Charles Tait is the reason. 

From his wooden leg to being horse-whipped on the streets of Milledgeville, GA, to marrying the widow of the man who horse-whipped him, Charles Tait was not only important to the creation of Alabama, but was a fascinating character, too! 

Join us to learn more about Tait’s life and his role in determining The Shape of Alabama presented by Valerie Pope Burnes, associate professor of History at the University of West Alabama and former director of the Center for the Study of the Black Belt.

Register here or tune in at 11 on Facebook Live.