Singing a wonderful song

Among my many faults is my love for music. I love sports in a sinful way as well, but that is a story for another day. There is a saying around the Tuxedo Junction section of Ensley: “The man who sings his own praise will usually be singing a solo, and will almost always pitch the song much too high.” How true, so we will keep the bragging on Alabama musicians to a minimum.

By the way, time is running out for you to visit the AHF Museum on Main Street exhibition: “New Harmonies.” It will be in Alabama through the end of 2009 with final stops in Troy and Tuskegee before the new year.

There is an Alabama component to “New Harmonies” that prompted me to think about all of the great song writers and performers from Alabama. Truly stars fell and continue to fall on Alabama.

In recent history, Alabama has had three consecutive top two finishes in the number-one hit television program “American Idol.” And of those three, two won the contest.

But thinking back into yesterday, can any state match the names of Eddie Kendrick of Union Springs and the Temptations, Erskine Hawkins of Tuxedo Junction fame, Dothan’s Bobby Goldsboro, Montgomery’s Nat King Cole, Lionel Ritchie from Tuskegee, Hackleburg’s Sonny James, Mobile’s Jimmy Buffett, Sheffield’s Arthur Alexander and the country band of Alabama from Fort Payne.

Also, don’t forget Leighton’s Percy Sledge, Tuscaloosa’s Dinah Washington and Toni Tenille from Montgomery. Maybe you can help me remember more. Be sure to write in and let us know your thoughts.

To read more about your favorite Alabama musicians, visit the Encyclopedia of Alabama.

Written by: Paul L.