Students Launch 13th edition of Vulcan Historical Review


In addition to celebrating the 40th anniversary of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the student members of Phi Alpha Theta presented the 13th Edition of the Vulcan Historical Review (VHR) student journal to distinguished guests and fellow students on Thursday, September 24.

To celebrate the students’ achievement, University President Dr. Carol Garrison and Provost Dr. Eli Capilouto took time out of their busy schedules to congratulate the students. Also in attendance were Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Dr. Jean Ann Linney, and the Chair of the History Department Dr. Carolyn Conley, members of the History Faculty, the student editors, Phi Alpha Theta members, and both graduate and undergraduate students.

Co-Editors Kristina Brandon and Jennifer Phillips introduced the guests, the co-editors of the 14th Edition, and the faculty members who devoted time and money to publishing the VHR. Representatives from Boothby Realty were in attendance, and the editors presented them with copies of the VHR. Boothby Realty has the distinction of being the first non-university related contributors to the Vulcan Historical Review.

The Vulcan Historical Review is now for sale through Phi Alpha Theta. You can contact the honor society’s faculty advisor, Dr. George Liber, at the UAB History Department, AB320, 1530 3rd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35294. The book is available for a donation of $10 to the VHR. All donations to the VHR will help fund the publishing the 14th Edition.

Note: The author of this post is a co-editor of the 14th edition of the Vulcan Historical Review.

Photo: The editors present UAB President Dr. Carol Garrison with a copy of the 13th Edition of the Vulcan Historical Review.

Written by: Rebecca D.