SUPER–a year in review


AHF’s 2009 SUPER (School and University Partners for Educational Renewal) Teacher Program calendar concluded September 28-29 with a follow-up meeting to this summer’s teacher institute “Slavery in America: Public Amnesia, Historical Memory,” held June 28-July 3. A partnership project of AHF and the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH), with additional support provided by the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University Montgomery and Old Town Alabama, the Institute and two-day follow-up took place in Montgomery and brought 21 elementary and secondary teachers from across the state together with 22 scholars and specialists from the ADAH to explore the history and legacy of African and African-American slavery in Alabama and the greater U.S.

Session topics included: “Slavery and Alabama’s Political and Economic Development,” “Challenges and Complexities of Teaching Slavery,” “Slavery in Africa,” “The Transatlantic Slave Trade,” “Slavery and the Atlantic World,” “The Interstate Slave Trade,” “The Amistad Story: A Literary Perspective,” “The Master/Slave Relationship,” “Day-to-day Life and Resistance in the Slave South,” “Enslaved Women,” “Slavery in the City,” “Textiles and Technology,” “Abolition and the Proslavery Argument,” “Slavery and the Civil War,” “Emancipation and Reconstruction,” “The Struggle for Civil Rights: The Unfinished Civil War.”

Additionally, there was a panel discussion addressing how myth becomes fact, a tour of significant sites in downtown Montgomery, and seven workshops focusing on practical applications and integrating primary sources in the classroom. Participants received CEUs, numerous texts, which were assigned readings prior to the summer Institute, CD Powerpoints of almost all sessions and a CD of historic documents and artifacts from the ADAH’s vast holdings.

Thanks to the passionate and dynamic teachers and presenters who made SUPER 2009 a success on multiple levels. Special thanks to lead scholar, Timothy R. Buckner, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Troy University; Ed Bridges, Ph.D., Director, ADAH; Susan DuBose, Education Specialist, ADAH; and Georgette Norman, Director, Rosa Parks Museum, Troy University Montgomery.

A second, weeklong SUPER Teacher Institute was held in Birmingham. The Institute, “American Literature: From the Puritans to the Civil War,” held July 13-17, was led by Gale Temple, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, UAB. Two one-day immersion workshops for French (Birmingham, June 16) and Spanish (Huntsville, July 30) language teachers, were conducted by Catherine Danielou, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French and Associate Dean, UAB School of Arts and Humanities, and Barbara Domcekova, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Spanish, Birmingham-Southern College, respectively.

Annually, AHF conducts 2-3 weeklong institutes and 2-4 one-day workshops in various locations around the state, serving 80-120 teachers. For more information on SUPER, click here. To learn of SUPER 2010 institutes, be sure to read AHF’s Winter/Spring issue of Mosaic.

Written by: Thomas B.